Eagle Plaza

We need your help.

Meetings are being held to discuss the concept of an "Eagle Plaza". Briefly, it is a . . . "physical commemoration and celebration of LGBTQ and leather cultural heritage in a safe, green, clean and inviting new public gathering space" -
See the Eagle Plaza Information Packet - (click link).
As you can see, it is proposed to be on 12th Street right outside the Eagle.

We need to spread the word, get support and make this happen.

Eagle Plaza Fundraising Committee Meeting #1
Tuesday, March 5th @ 6:00pm at the SF Eagle

Alex Montiel
Dilraj Kahai
Jawn Marques
John Dimeo
Timothy Valdvia
Mark Bonsignore

Eagle Bar
Consider the Eagle as the one location for fundraising (Jawn)
-- Add the Leather Paddle meter as a big poster
-- Fill in the thermometer every week to update
-- Spare change in an empty water tank
-- Certain locations grocery, bars, restaurants for advertisement of fundraising

Raffle operations and Donor Gifts (Lex)
If we do a raffle with a car (up to 10,000 tix at $20) a non-profit (Bears of SF or SFPA) has to register the raffle 60 days prior to the event.
-- Option to get half of car donated for raffle ($20,000)? - budget for car (~$40k total)?
-- -- Lex & SFPA to manage
-- Can we pay upfront for prizes with money raised and then get reimbursed?
-- -- SFPA to manage
We can present all of the prizes physically at the April 28th Event and give them out during PRIDE in June
Jack Daniels will give an Indian Motor Cycle (Lex)

Continual Event Support
Juanita More for support of party (she supports 20-30 organizations) (http://juanitamore.com/)
Mr. S Leather - def. can be a major donor and supporter
Nine by 6 loops - John DiMeo
Sister Bella Donna - Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence/Bears of SF - works at the Chronicle and can put out a story

Continual Fundraising & Outreach Ideas
Host a "Beer Bust" type every month? Jawn (+$2000)
-- Eagle Bar booked until October
6 months until Folsom = $8,000
Go Fund Me option - for world-wide viewing
Bay Area Reporter - story for fundraising
St. Patrick's Day event?
Friends of Eagle Plaza dance party -
-- Rent out Club 6 or Non Plus Ultra (Would have to look and see location
-- and times we could get a party and promote it)
-- -- Kink Party $100-200 a ticket
-- -- Come in leather gear price is $50
-- -- If not, price is $125

April 28th Event
Lex would like to keep entrance to the event free - public event out on the street
Tables, booths and tents for vendors and "door prizes"
Post winning ticket numbers online and have people bring ticket to us as proof of winning instead of writing down their name, address, email, etc. on-site, day of
Event Ideas:
-- Bear chest calendar brothers selling raffles that day
-- Pay to open raffles on chest, etc.
-- Experiences
-- Whipping booth
-- Beat in the Corner
-- Pedicures
-- Massage Table
-- Boot black
-- Fortune Teller
-- Drag dunk
-- Ring Toss (penis)
-- Body Painting
-- Eagle Bar v other organizations for tug of war, etc.
100 VIP tix ($50 gift bag & free drink) - Jawn
Non-profit contest to see which organization can win the most money

Next Steps:
Send out letters to car dealerships (Mark & Lex)
-- Work with Sister Bella Donna (SoPI)
Jack Daniels Motorcycle (Lex)
Paddle (thermometer) poster to be placed in Eagle Bar (Jawn)
100 VIP bags for April 28th event (Jawn)
Tickets Booklets with door prize explanations (Jawn)
-- -- Need specifics on car, pictures, details, etc. (Lex & Mark)
Donation Items, raffle tickets, small vendors and volunteers (Jawn, John, Timothy)

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, March 12, @ 6 at the SF Eagle Bar

Eagle Plaza Fundraising Committee Meeting #2
Tuesday, March 12th @ 6:00pm at the SF Eagle

Alex Montiel
Dilraj Kahai
Race Bannon
John Dimeo
Jerry Roberts
Rick Burnham
Tim McShane
Mark Bonsignore

*Please Review Committee Meeting #1 Notes if you were not able to attend

April 28th Planning
Group discussing the mechanics of raffle during April 28th Event
How to be advertised?
Start putting out Save the Date for Sunday, April 28th from 2-8pm 6th Anniversary of Eagle Bar
Benefit for the Leather Pride Contingency Group (Beer Bust)
Name: Everyone think of a name?!?
Raise the Plaza
Eagle Pride
Studz for Studz
Raise the Flag
Land the Eagle!
"SF Eagle Anniversary (INSERT NAME HERE) Party"
"(INSERT NAME HERE) SF Eagle Anniversary Party"

Voted on: "LAND THE EAGLE"
6th year anniversary + Leather Pride Contingency Group

Reaching out to other events
Eagle LA booth for Eagle Plaza
IML - Chicago (Memorial Day weekend)
Website Recon to help with advertising - Matt contact person

Getting People to attend
Need to show skin at plaza, get people excited - rent men, get escorts, whatever it takes.
Race: strength to get bodies in the plaza during the event and push donor levels

Continual Fundraising
Need to push on fundraising for studs and donations (Race)
Extra Donor Idea: $20 to get your name on the Eagle Plaza website
Corporate Sponsor in the plaza should be a timespan - 5 years
Vendor Section for donations separate from studs and plaques - minimum contribution needs to be donation + Plaque money (near the food truck area) marketed as everyone will see

App based walking tour to connect Ringold Alley, Eagle Plaza and all monuments within the city, specifically the Leather Cultural District
Motorcycle Parking approving in or around Eagle Bar
Eagle Flag in plaza needing to be similar to Castro Flag in terms of height (70')
Next meeting to map out all vendors for event

Next Steps:
Race - Marketing planning
Jesse - Assist with Vendors
Mark - Reach out to Vendors, provide Lex with vendor letter
Tim & Rick - Assist with Vendors
Dilraj - Assist with Vendors
John - Prep app for Grants
Lex - Permits and large vendors

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 19th, @ 6 Eagle Bar

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